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Développement Sans Frontières

Développement Sans Frontières (DSF) is a non-profit organization created under the French Loi de 1901.  As a recruitment agency with focus on international humanitarian aid, DSF coordinates the recruitment of volunteers within a large network of local NGOs actively involved in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


With missions ranging from 2 weeks to 1 year, the humanitarian workers of the DSF network are committed to strengthening the capacity of host organisations. They work in different fields such as education, health, culture, environment as well as agriculture and professional training.

With nearly 70 NGOs being supported and more than 15,000 days of missions organised every year, DSF is a leading organisation committed to community involvement and the fight against the disparity between the North and the South.
With a novel concept, Volontariat Equitable, aimed at restoring a balance in relations between the North and the South, and an internet community, Metablog, DSF works to democratize international volunteering by giving organizations in the South decision-making power.

To this end, DSF works daily to coordinate volunteers for NGOs on 3 different continents - Africa, Asia and Latin America. The DSF network is made possible through collaboration with businesses, universities, independent bodies and institutions. These professional groups form a great force and are actively involved in improving the humanitarian service of DSF.